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Marka İtibarını Korumada Şikâyet Takibi: Çevrimiçi Seyahat 2.0 Bilgi Kanallarında Bir Uygulama
İnternet Uygulamaları ve Yönetimi Dergisi

Customers who are being conscious and not afraid of questioning, with the rapid development of communications and technology-based processes, enter into the process of transmitting their complaints through the customers as well as transmitting to the business. Increasing and spreading of online travel channels in the tourism industry, tourists could transmit their holiday and travel experiences with advice or complaint centered to other customers. Considering this situation, as a source of 2.04 travel information on the an example of accommodation business which was on the top scoring list was held in the context of protecting the brand reputation and the complaints were subjected to content analysis and analyzed. As a result of the search, the others tourists’ rude behaviors/noise, the physical environment of the hotel and communicate shortage with staff due to lack of foreign languages have emerged as the most being complained themed issues. Furthermore, during the content analyses it was determined that customers use the negative loaded words while expressing their holiday experience, don’t advice the example hotel and advice another hotel in the context of the complaint behaviors.


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İnternet Uygulamaları ve Yönetimi Dergisi

Field :   Eğitim Bilimleri; Mühendislik; Sağlık Bilimleri; Sosyal, Beşeri ve İdari Bilimler

Journal Type :   Uluslararası

Article : 143
Cite : 635
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