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Correlation Between The System Of Remuneration Of Police Officers and Their Professional Performance: Foreign Experience
Baltic Journal of Economic Studies

The aim of the article is to analyse the foreign experience of correlation between the system of remuneration of police officers and their professional performance, to identify the features of fixing the rate and types of police officers’ remuneration in some foreign countries, and to ascertain the relationship between such remuneration and their professional performance. The subject of the study is the foreign experience of correlation between the system of police officer remuneration and professional performance. Methodology. The research is based on a comparison of the system of police officer remuneration in Ukraine and in foreign countries. Based on the analysis of the features of police officer remuneration in Canada and the United Kingdom, the advantages and disadvantages of the different conditions and procedure of remuneration are determined. Based on a comparative legal study of certain provisions of Ukrainian legislation, the possibilities and limits of implementation of positive foreign experience in this sphere are determined. The results of the study revealed that encouraging employees according to the professional performance enables to solve problems connected with the increase of efficiency of the law-enforcement system in Ukraine. Therefore, nowadays, the development of clear criteria for assessing the professional performance of law enforcement officials, construction of an effective system of material incentives based on professional performance are a priority task. Therefore, in the course of further reform of the police, such as improving social policy, the issue of forming new principles and methodology for the encouragement of employees objectively considering their professional performance is of particular importance. The use of foreign experience in solving such problems can be a positive example for domestic public administration bodies in the implementation of social reforms in law enforcement structures. Practical implications. Positive experience of correlation between the system of remuneration of police officers and their professional performance confirms that the system of indicators should evaluate comprehensively the activities of employees, units, and the National Police System as a whole, include the full range of indicators necessary for evaluation, exclude duplicate or secondary indicators, consider the priority of the tasks performed, clearly reflect the degree of achievement at all levels of the system, and be based on the potentials of budget financing. The system of supplementary payments must be based on a finite number of professional performance indicators. Moreover, it is important to meet such criterion as objectivity, adequacy of types, and rate of supplementary payments. In addition, fixing supplementary payments, based on performance efficiency indicators, should reflect the danger, importance for the state and society and specificity of the tasks performed, as well as the priority exercised by the police. In addition, the number of indicators linked to supplementary payments should be optimal, otherwise, in case of an overly-specified system with a large number of indicators reflecting relatively small functions, there is a risk of shifting from solving key problems, as well as compensation for the decline in the quality of core duty performance by a large number of less significant functions. Relevance/originality. Comparative analysis of the correlation between the system of remuneration of police officers and their professional performance is the basis for the development of the most progressive directions to improve domestic legislation.


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Baltic Journal of Economic Studies

Field :   Sosyal, Beşeri ve İdari Bilimler

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