User Guide
Why can I only view 3 results?
You can also view all results when you are connected from the network of member institutions only. For non-member institutions, we are opening a 1-month free trial version if institution officials apply.
So many results that aren't mine?
References in many bibliographies are sometimes referred to as "Surname, I", so the citations of academics whose Surname and initials are the same may occasionally interfere. This problem is often the case with citation indexes all over the world.
How can I see only citations to my article?
After searching the name of your article, you can see the references to the article you selected as soon as you click on the details section.

About us


Purpose in Sobiad; To reveal the citations of authors to other articles and books in articles published in academic and scientific journals.

For this purpose, it aims to determine the impact value of a journal registered in the database among other journals.

It aims to provide a quick solution from a single center to shorten the time scientists spend on accessing scientific information.

Sobiad; It is a database where the published issues and editions of electronic journals, symposium proceedings and printed materials registered in the database are included in the system.

Sobiad aims to increase the number of journals scanned day by day.

Sobiad; It aims to regularly share with the public the most cited article, the most cited scientist, and the number of publications and citations on a university basis.

Sobiad; It aims to standardize the bibliography, footnote display, and citation use that almost every academic publication creates according to itself.

Scope and Content

Sobiad in Scope;

The bibliographies of electronic journals that have published for at least 5 years in the field of Social Sciences and at least 3 years in the fields of Science and Health Sciences were scanned, and as a result of this search, the citations made by the author(s) in their works were revealed.

Content in the Sobiad;

Accessing the full text and abstracts of indexed journals. In addition, it is to statistically reveal the impact value of a journal whose impact value is determined compared to the other journal.

With Sobiad, current articles can be viewed instantly, and if desired, access to the abstracts and full text of the articles can be provided.

The journal is under the title of the scanned journals. links will be active so that access to Turkey-based academic and scientific journals will be faster and easier.

Sobiad; accepts corporate membership/subscription. Thus, it appeals to both single-user and multi-user audiences.

Sobiad; It is an international index covering publications in both Turkish and other languages in electronic journals.

Sobiad; It is a citation index that performs specialized citation search and bibliometric data analysis in the fields of science, health and social sciences.