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International Journal of Advanced Research

This article examines and analyzes law enforcement in criminal acts committed by children. Law enforcement has always been preoccupied with general and conventional crimes committed by adults. In fact, along with the development of society and technology, several criminal cases have been committed by children. Considering that children need protection to grow and develop optimally, children who commit crimes must be given special treatment in terms of procedural law, criminal threats, and fulfillment of childrens rights, which are different from adults. This research is normative and empirical juridical research with a socio-legal approach. Primary data collection was carried out by interviewing sources determined through the snowball technique, while secondary data collection was carried out by library research. The collected data is then processed through the stages of checking, tagging, compiling, and systematizing. The data that has been processed is then analyzed interactively, which consists of description activities and data reflection.Challenges to law enforcement against perpetrators of criminal acts in Indonesia include the high tendency to detain and imprison children, violations of childrens right to a fair trial, and the demands of prosecutors and judges decisions are still dominated by prison sentences.The strategy for law enforcement against child perpetrators of mass crimes is based on a humanist legal approach through issuing sentencing guidelines and adopting the concept of children hearing system, optimizing the role of the police in implementing diversion, and optimizing community participation in child protection.


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International Journal of Advanced Research

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International Journal of Advanced Research