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ODU Journal of Social Sciences Research

Abstract enIt is an unquestionable fact that Saldjukians has got deep social, cultural and political impact in the Turkish-Islamic history. In very general outline; Saldjukian states are the political organizations that re-established Islamic World from eleventh century to fourteenth century. In addition to the role they played in Turkish-Islamic history their most admirable side is the political legislation policy that they followed step by step beginning from their establishment. Our aim by researching this legislation process is to convey the information about Saldjukian states legislations beyond all the emirliks, sultanliks and other local states from main sources. This subject is unignorable because it is obvious that this process revealed a historical transformation model and a social-political change. After Dandanakan War the main political guide for Saldjukians became taking legitimacy and courage from caliphate. After all Tugrul Bey and his Oghuz tribes took the domination of Baghdat very quickly and reduced the political and secular effect of the caliphate on the Islamic World


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ODU Journal of Social Sciences Research

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