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Baltic Journal of Economic Studies

The purpose of the article is to analyze the tax systems of the countries of the European Union and Ukraine, the impact of individual indicators of the tax system on the economies development, study the possibility of applying the accumulated experience. The subject-matter of the study is the methodological and conceptual foundations of the tax policy-making process of the EU and Ukraine. Methodology. Based on the analyzed scientific literature on tax policy formulation of countries, the methodological principles of this study provide for the joint application of a set of well-known general scientific and special methods of research in economics. In particular, the dialectical method, the method of scientific abstraction, the method of systematic analysis, economic and mathematical modeling were used. Results. The article analyzes the individual indicators of the tax system functioning of 28 countries of the European Union and Ukraine; and the impact of these indicators on the economy development. In particular, the following indicators were studied: customs and other import duties, firms expected to give gifts in meetings with tax officials; firms that do not report all sales for tax purposes; firms visited or required meetings with tax officials; labor tax and contributions; net taxes on products; other taxes; other taxes payable by businesses; profit tax; tax payments; tax revenue; taxes on exports; taxes on goods and services; taxes on income, profits and capital gains; taxes on income, profits and capital gains; taxes on international trade; time to prepare and pay taxes; total tax rate. The dependence of foreign direct investment on profit tax, tax revenue; taxes on income, profits and capital gains; time to prepare and pay taxes and total tax rate have been studied. The study shows that, on average, tax revenue affects foreign direct investment, net inflows with the same strength as time to prepare and pay taxes, but almost twice as much as taxes on income, profits and capital gains. Practical implications. The article contains a set of tools and rules for reviewing approaches, guidelines and criteria for the effectiveness of Ukraine's tax policy in line with the global development concept. Value / originality. The conceptual criteria for the formation and implementation of the tax policy of the state are determined, it is carried out the comparative analysis of the tax policy of Ukraine and the EU countries within the framework of the European economic integration, which occurs simultaneously with the globalization of the world economy.


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Baltic Journal of Economic Studies

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Baltic Journal of Economic Studies