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Innovation Activity Management Of Enterprises Under Self-development
Baltic Journal of Economic Studies

There are the research directions, determined as relevant, such as the issues of innovation activity management of enterprises, identifying the main causes of low innovation activity of domestic companies, improving the innovation activity management system of industrial institutions, which necessitates the formation of a scientific and methodological basis that can realize the ability to describe the process of innovation activity of the enterprises and mechanisms to manage them. These issues are also relevant because in the context of strengthening the course on European integration, the management of domestic enterprises is tasked with identification of the methodological and practical experience of innovative management of the EU countries as soon as possible and harmonization of their policies in accordance with its provisions. The subject of the study is complex research of management of innovative activity of enterprises under self-development. The purposes of the article are a study of the main directions of operation of innovative-active enterprise under self-development; analysis of key indicators of innovation activity of an enterprise; characteristic of the mechanism of innovation activity management of an enterprise in terms of self-development; definition of directions of policy of strengthening of innovation activity with the purpose of increase of efficiency of development of domestic enterprises. To achieve these purposes the following research methods are used: analysis and generalization of theoretical sources and scientific literature; abstract-logical method in the process of theoretical generalizations and formation of conclusions; prognostic and diagnostic; general scientific methods of analysis and synthesis. Results. The article describes the concept of innovation activity of the enterprise and details its main elements. The authors have also formulated the concept of innovative-active enterprise and presented the priority directions of its operation. The basic aspects of improvement of the innovation activity management system of the enterprise under self-development are considered. The key aspects of improving the management system are highlighted: analysis and evaluation of changes in the operation of the enterprise (evaluation of innovation activity); choice of direction of innovative development of the enterprise; development of strategy of innovative operation (definition of priority of directions, their correlation, development of scenarios); control of implementation of the enterprise development strategy. The process of improving the system of management of innovative activity of the enterprise under self-development is presented as a block diagram. The process is considered and the mechanism of innovation activity management is proposed. Practical implications. The article presents the process of managing innovation activity according to the degree of selfdevelopment of the enterprise. The proposed mechanism has practical orientation in forming a set of measures for strategic development of the enterprise. In general, the paper outlines the main tasks for improving the innovation activity management system, the solutions of which will improve the effective functioning of the enterprise.


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Baltic Journal of Economic Studies

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Baltic Journal of Economic Studies