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Strategic Management Object As An Object Of Scientific Research
Baltic Journal of Economic Studies

The purpose of research is to highlight the main areas of the system of strategic management accounting, improvement of the principles on which it operates. Subject of research is theoretical and practical aspects of functioning and development of strategic management accounting. Subject area is focused on strategic management information support towards the implementation of the principle of balancing of activity of the entities. Objectives of the research is to determine the place and role of strategic management accounting in the creation of information infrastructure management in the current economic conditions; disclosure of decomposition problems and improvement of the functioning of the system of strategic management accounting, prioritization of development. Hypothesis of the research is based on the assumption that the effectiveness of entities management adapted to the needs of the market environment of complete, accurate and timely information, which is formed in properly organized system of strategic management accounting. Methodology is based on analysis of data of respondents from 125 industrial entities of Kharkiv region. Data was collected through direct surveys and in the preparation of Kharkiv Oblast Development Strategy for the period until 2020. Respondents were asked a number of questions that determine: results of the system of information support of strategic management in enterprises employing respondents; direction of the system of strategic management accounting in enterprises employing respondents. By means of expert assessments was evaluated important source of information for making strategic management decisions. General system of research methodology is based on a systematic approach. Conclusion. During the research was confirmed the role and importance of strategic management accounting information for the purpose of strategic management. According to the results outlined challenges facing the leaders of Ukrainian enterprises based on the survey to improve performance. Advanced the system of principles that ensures the efficiency of strategic management accounting technologies as information support of strategic management. Practical implications. Distributions of identifying key areas of the system of strategic management accounting in industry, innovation-active enterprises of the Kharkiv region proves that, if necessary, this generation information system for strategic management must take into account the interests of several groups of users. System of principles of strategic management of accounting as an information technology management provides strategic improve of its practical use and determine development priorities. Value/originality. Coverage of the main directions of the system of strategic management accounting on the basis of survey of respondents and their opinions and studies of their thoughts had the aim to determine the prospects of development of the system as a whole, and industrial, innovation-active enterprises of Kharkiv region in particular.


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