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Türk Dünyası İncelemeleri Dergisi

Different identities continued to live together in the Caucasus for many ages, until the emergence of the Russian-Armenian factor in the region. This factor continued normally until 1905. from then on, the Armenians and the Russian administration mercilessly massacred the Muslim Turkish people, and tried to erase Turkish traces from the history, by implementing a policy of genocide. This article focuses on the massacres and the genocide, done by the Armenians and other forces in the Lankaran, Salyan, Yevlakh, Shamkhor, Shusha, Cavanshir, Jabrail, Gokchay, Aksu, Hacikabul, Kurdemir, Karabakh and İrevan provinces of Northern Azerbaijan between 1905 and 1920. This study discovers the activities of the Armenian terror groups and their supporters, basing on archive documents. There are a lot of documents showing that Russia and other forces supported terror and genocide activities of the Tashnak, Andranik and Amazasp groups. The documents, which are mostly in Russian and Azerbaijani Turkish, prove that the Armenian (Dashnak) and Russian (Bolshevik) organizations committed torture and genocide not only over the Turks, who were in the territory of Ottoman Empire, especially in Eastern Anatolia, but also the Caucasian Turks and other peoples living in those territories. It is widely assumed that the start date of the occupition of the Azerbaijan territories by the Armenians is 1988. However, its beginning goes to the beginning of the XXth century


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Türk Dünyası İncelemeleri Dergisi

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Türk Dünyası İncelemeleri Dergisi