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International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education

Steganography is a method for concealing data that makes use of a cover medium like pictures, music, or video. Security now requires a strong understanding of cryptography. Image One such technique to hide hidden messages in images to make them less susceptible to cryptanalysis is steganography. Because textual steganography is simpler to intercept and decode than other types, we are able to overcome its disadvantages. We use the XOR and One Time Pad (OTP) Algorithms to encrypt the plaintext using a randomly generated key before embedding it into the Least Significant Bit (LSB) of the cover picture. To create the Stego picture, we embed the cypher text in the LSB of the cover image's pixels. In order to enhance and guarantee security, we make use of visual cryptography and picture scrambling. Image scrambling is a method that hides the position of pixels to give the Stego image additional security. Visual information is encrypted using visual cryptography, which divides it into shares. The technique is made more secure and difficult to decipher by using both picture scrambling and visual cryptography. This study also develops a decryption technique for the same.


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International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education

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International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education