A Journal of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Analysis

A Journal of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Analysis

Electrochemical Monitoring of Sulfadiazine via La@CeO Incorporated with Reduced Graphene Oxide

Yazarlar: ["Francis Packiaraj Don Disouza", "Ruspika Sundaresan", "Shen Ming Chen", "Balaji Ramachandran", "Narendhar Chandrasekar"]

Cilt - , Sayı Cilt 4 Sayı 3 , 2023 , Sayfalar -



Anahtar Kelimeler:Sulfonamides,Reduced graphene oxide,Hydrothermal,Differential pulse voltammetry

Özet: : In recent years, indiscriminate consumption and dumping of antibiotics have become destructive to human health and causes ecotoxicological pollution. Here, the irregular particle nanosized dendrite structure of lanthanum-doped cerium oxide (LCO) decorated with sheet-like reduced graphene oxide (RGO) composite was utilized to detect the sulfonamide-based drug sulfadiazine (SZ). LCO@RGO nanocomposite was prepared using the hydrothermal method, the synergistic effect between LCO and RGO facilitates electron transferability and conductivity which enhances the electrochemical properties toward the detection of SZ. The detection of SZ expressed a lower detection limit (0.005 µM) and linear range (0.01–265 µM) of the fabricated LCO@RGO/GCE electrode toward SZ, analyzed using the highly sensitive DPV technique. Also, DPV was utilized to determined shows good repeatability, reproducibility, and storage stability of fabricated LCO@RGO/GCE. Moreover, effective practicability was proven in human blood serum and river water samples with great recovery results. All the above probes the synthesized LCO@RGO’s thriving and outstanding electrocatalytic performance of this nanocomposite’s highly sensitive detection of SZ in real biological and environmental samples.

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